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2016 / Kichijoji, Tokyo

Design by Hiroshi Yoneya & Ken Kimizuka

Photo by Satoshi Asakawa



“Indelible Scenes of Childhood”

“Selling study desks and miscellaneous goods for children, made from natural Japanese cypress and cedar, with the concept of “cherishing Japanese trees”. By thinking about what kind of space has a in the back that makes you feel, “I want to go inside”, we ended up with a deep space like a tunnel. Solid panels of Tenryu cedar are placed at intervals of 525mm and are connected laterally using wood as shelf boards. The structure was made so that you cannot enter into the tunnel directly from the front, but you can see through it from both inside and outside. We hope that the memory of this tunnel space will be an indelible scene for families who visit, like their study desk is an indelible scene of everyone's childhood.

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