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2016 / Kofu, Yamanashi

Design by Hiroshi Yoneya & Ken Kimizuka

Photo by Satoshi Asakawa



“Partitioned Space - Depth of Space”

A Japanese and western confectionary store located in Kofu City, which is famous for “Kurodama (black balls)”. Adjusting the Depth of Field in photography is a technique that can be used to create areas that are in focus and also areas that are defocused. We thought that partitioning could create several separate spaces and yet still have them interact with each other by overlapping elements from other locations, thus creating a similar kind of spatial depth. In an attempt to control the focus within the space at an early stage, we laid out panels so that the walls would overlap and gave specific roles to each small area.We made it a continuous space like a Japanese house with its fixtures removed. We thought the relationships between the spaces and its continuity can be seen from outside making a “Partitioned Space” that corresponds with the town.

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