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2017 / Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Design by Hiroshi Yoneya & Ken Kimizuka

Photo by Nacasa & Partners Inc.



“Enjoyable Encounters”

“A key store that epitomizes the concept of LOFT, “The power to catch the trend”. The space was created to embody “Entertainment” and “Enjoying life by the season”. To have continuity in each category, we created 3 gateway spaces using lattice racks to surround the building's pillars. We planned them to be a motivation to wander around, as the next space appears as you pass through the gate. Also, by placing the furniture daringly, we could form an “irregular” overall flow line that makes people wander around naturally. Our intention was that the moderate sense of randomness would bring “Enjoyable Encounters” with the products, as if by accident.

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