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2017 / Ginza, Tokyo

Design by Hiroshi Yoneya & Ken Kimizuka

Photo by Nacasa & Partners Inc.


「日本文化とアートが交差する銀座 蔦屋書店。研ぎ澄まされた美意識や生きるエネルギーに満ちた文化、アートと共に暮らす生活を提案します」をコンセプトに、約6万冊の関連書籍が集積され、世界一のアート書店を目指している。


“A Re-interpretation of Japanese Culture”

“GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS is a place where Japanese culture and art intersect. We proposed a well-honed sense of beauty, full of cultural energy and life, within the lifestyle concept of living together with art”. Aiming to make it the world's leading art bookstore, about 60,000 related books have been gathered together. Aisles configured in a grid design that is an exact scale-down of Ginza, form the basis of the overall plan. Exhibitions and events can be held in the 6-meter high tower space that is flooded with natural light and artworks are displayed inside the gallery and bookshelves. Even in the café, art can be appreciated. We wish this space to become an icon of Ginza, projecting both its traditions and modernity.

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